February 25


I’m not shocked for the extremely offensive comments and emails I, along other Muslims, have been getting lately.
I have blogged earlier about my decision not to defend any longer, but this is a last try to let non-Muslims who have no idea about our religion, learn more, I believe it’s only fair to convey this message, if any of my angry readers, who have been attacking me as well as other readers commenting on my blog, still feel like attacking, well, I guess it’d be them wanting nothing but fight rather than building bridges and spreading awareness.

My brother, a non-blogger, but have been getting his share of horrible attacks on my blog and other blogs, has written the following in an attempt to explain what Islam means. I hope the open-minded readers will benefit from the information.


The word “Islam” is a VERB not a NOUN.

Let me repeat that one more time: The word “Islam” is a VERB not a NOUN.

Judaism is a NOUN after Judah. Christianity is a NOUN after Christ

Islam is an Arabic VERB.

The word MUSLIM is an Arabic word that means: The person who does the VERB ISLAM.

If you WALK then you become a WALKER

If you READ then you become a READER.

If you ISLAM then you become an ISLAMER = MUSLIM in Arabic.

Most statements that come from people who attack Islam would sound to us like:

How come you READERS are acting as WALKERS while you claim to only be READERS?

This is what we Muslims always mean when we ask people to know what Islam is? What does it mean? Where does it come from?

I hear people say Islam = PEACE, this is not correct the word PEACE in Arabic is SALAM not ISLAM.

Islam comes from the ROOT word in Arabic SA’LA’MA which contains the following 5 words:

Surrender, Submission, Obedience, Purity/Sincerity and Peace.

Open any Arabic dictionary if you can read Arabic and you will find what I’ve said above.

ISLAM is a VERB that means: SURRENDER your will to god “Allah”; OBEY his commandments; be in total SUBMISSION to what he wants you to do all the time; and do all the above PUERLY / SINCERILY for his sake alone; in order to achieve PEACE between your soul and him the one and only creator.

A MSULIM is a person who does “ISLAM”: SURRENDER your will to god “Allah”; OBEY his commandments; be in total SUBMISSION to what he wants you to do all the time; and do all the above PUERLY / SINCERILY for his sake alone; in order to achieve PEACE between your soul and him the one and only creator.

The Hebrews were asked by Moses [Peace be upon him] to: SURRENDER their will to god; OBEY his commandments; be in total SUBMISSION to what he wants them to do all the time; and do all the above PUERLY / SINCERILY for his sake alone; in order to achieve PEACE between their souls and him the one and only creator.

The Jews were asked by Jesus [Peace be upon him] to: SURRENDER their will to god; OBEY his commandments; be in total SUBMISSION to what he wants them to do all the time; and do all the above PUERLY / SINCERILY for his sake alone; in order to achieve PEACE between their souls and him the one and only creator.

Read the Jewish commandments and you will see that they state the above.

Read the Christian bibles, testaments and you will find that they command people to do the above.

ISLAM is what god “Allah” has always commanded all of us to do. It is the word and way of god “Allah”

The prophet Moses [Peace be upon him] commanded people to DO ISLAM.

The prophet Jesus [Peace be upon him] commanded people to DO ISLAM

The prophet Mohammad [Peace be upon him] commanded people to DO ISLAM.

Violence is NOT Islam, Terrorism is NOT Islam and Hate is NOT Islam.

Islam IS ISLAM a unique VERB that has no other meaning and no other interpretation.

A Muslim is a person that does ISLAM.

A Muslim is not a person that does Hate, terror or any other VERB known to mankind.

Understand the VERB and you will understand why that out of the 1.4 Billion Muslims in the world today; only 12% are Arabs. Yes. The Arab world “most of which are Muslims” are 12% out of 1.4 Billion world wide, from every background, language, race and ethnic group.

The word JIHAD is also a verb and is also sadly misunderstood and misused in today’s media.

I thank you for your time and I pray and ask the one and only creator, the creator that Moses, Jesus and Mohammad [Peace be upon all of them] has asked us to worship the on true God “Allah” to help all of us understand what does Islam mean and what does it command.

Below is link is for an American born Texan, who was born a Christian and a son of a Christian Minster; He Himself had preached Christianity for 50 years of his life.

And now converted to Islam. He knows all the old and new testaments cover to cover and is more capable than I am to explain to you in video presentations:

  1. What is Islam and why is it misunderstood today?
  2. Why Islam and terrorism don’t ever mix? And how Islam declared war on terrorism “suppression and oppression” 1400 years ago in the from of JIHAD.
  3. Women’s wrights in Islam vs. men’s rights and explains the EQUITY that Islam has for men and women alike; and how does EQUITY in Islam greatly surpasses the EQUILITY that some women are asking for today? And why 70 % of new Muslims are WOMEN?

And much more… Videos ; Main Site.

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  1. By Rebecca on

    Hi Eman,
    I’m so sorry that you’ve been harassed for your faith lately. Thank you for responding with patience and grace.
    You are completely right that these people are not following either Moses or Jesus. Moses’s command, which Jesus called “the greatest commandment”, is “The Lord your God is One God. And you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and all your soul and with all your mind,” and the second is, “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” These people are not loving their neighbors, and as a result, are not loving God.
    I pray that someday Christians and Mulsims will be able to engage in open dialogue leading to true understanding and appreciation of each other.

  2. By Amelopsis on

    Eman I’m truly sorry to hear that you’ve been receiving hate mail. That you have, speaks more of the ignorance of those ‘haters’ than it does of you, as I’m sure you know, but would say so now just in case. (such behaviour can be very disheartening)

    I believe that the Qu’ran specifically instructs, and I cannot see how anyone of any faith, belief or religion would decry, that:
    we must accept our differences, understand that there are risks in these differences, and make the effort to convert the risk into understanding and harmony while respecting our differences.

    We cannot respect what we do not understand. We will fear what we do not understand only if we have no understanding of, or confidence in, our own selves, our own histories.

    I think that those who would spread hate do so out of irrational fear as a result of either a failure or unwillingness to dispell ignorance.

    Let us all educate ourselves and learn to use our heads and our hands to offer Peace, rather than a slap in the face.

  3. By Jimbo on

    Ah, that’s where you’ve been. So, besides having day jobs, you and yours have been defending your religion and culture from hordes of barbarian scum, no doubt many of them my fellow Americans? As you noted, Eman, I can’t apologize with authenticity for anyone else, though I can do so with deep sincerity, and I do. Sadly, while ferocity and bravery are hereditary, apparently compassion and kindness have to be learned.

    I used to get a lot of hate mail around Presidential election time, and eventually came to regard the senders variously as viruses or lower order demons, which works for me. But it’s probably a good thing if you’re incapable of such dehumanizing detachment.

    I know it’s vexation to the spirit, but if you can find the wherewithal to keep your English language blog up and running, it would be a wonderful boon to many: you must surely have a lot of readers out here who admire your passion, decency and bravery—and you may well be the only Muslim they’ve ever encountered. Though it’s “only the web,” your humanity shines through and touches us all–you remind even the most jaded of us that, as Martin Luther said, “Alle menschen sind bruder.”

    Well, if you weren’t a Muslim and 6,000 miles away, I’d offer you a glass of this excellent Chilean wine. (Luther also said, “Who loves not wine, women and song, Remains a fool his whole life long.”  )

    Hang in there.



  4. By kimmy on

    As an atheist who is trying to understand religions and the reasons for violence I have found you website most encouraging as to explanations of Islam. Thank You.
    Christianity sites I have visited condemn Islam.
    I just want to understand. I don’t see colour, religion, political leaning, race, or anything else but the person I am talking to.
    I haven’t judged anyone I have dealt with others that their character. And then I usually give that person three tries to be understanding of others.
    As a non-believer I try to live my life as a believer because I believe your code of ethics is the one to live by. I have been the Koran to understand your views. This is an incredible read. I still don’t believe. But it is the way to feel complete and satisfied with life.

  5. By Medsua on

    Here is the dilemma, we (Moslems) need to show the difference between the doctorines of the religion and how its followers chose to use it and abuse it, giving it a very bad name.
    Here is another thought, Islam is about 1400 years younger than Christianity. They went through their middle ages, their Calvinism, their blood-endowsed battles civil battles and formed sects.. We’re going through our evolution.
    I refuse to defend some of the senseless massacres that are taking place in the Islamic world, simply because I’m labeled a Moslem. It’s nauseating what is happening in Iraq bw/ the Shiites and the Sunnis.. And.. to kill over some stupid caricatures… yeah, there’s a statement made for you.. Sad very sad..
    I understand the frustration, but come on now.. My kids drive me nuts sometimes, but if does that justify me beating them senseless?nope (although, some sicko might nod to that one)..

  6. By jmarie on

    Thank you Eman. An excellent post. Lashing back in anger only brings you to the level of the bashers themselves. It takes much more strength to continue along your path. Don’t let the haters suck any more of your energy and creativity. The root of anger and hatred is fear.
    Let us all continue on a path of peace and productivity. Leave those angry spiteful people sending negativity and hatemail etc.. to rot in their own fear based misery.

    You have found a wonderful forum for spreading your good work to the world. I send my highest praise and thanks. As usual you offer important, well founded commentary, and thoughtful insight.

  7. By Emina on

    Thanks for a great post 🙂 and btw, I *love* your new design!
    I’ve seen the texan you’re speaking about once on TV… I find these people really impressing!

  8. By Tina on

    I stumbled upon this by accident. But I just wanted to say don’t get discouraged. The media only shows the hatred and violence. There are many Christians and Jews who do not believe your religion is based upon hatred and violence. Many us are are silent and just continue our lives on a peaceful course. We applaud and agree with your peaceful protests. I am a Christian and have seen cartoons portraying our faith in a hateful way as well.

    We are very dismayed at how some Americans act abroad. The majority of Americans have great respect for all people and and things great and small. And it angers me when politians (democrats and republicans alike) state they speak for the American people. They have forgotten the American people and only speak along their own party lines.

    Unfortunately the media doesn’t see the positives as news worthy and therefore only reports the negatives. They give the impression that all Muslims or Arabs are violent just as other medias portrays Americans as evil. They conduct surveys and polls using people who agree with how they think.

    Please do not judge all of us Americans based upon the media and the comments you receive from some ignorant people. I am hoping your definition of your beliefs will help educate all.

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  11. By Robin on

    Beautiful post Eman. I’m and American Catholic who WAS married to a Moslem and amicably divorced. I awlays say you can learn the most about a religion by witnessing those who practice it. My experience was beautiful, and so are you. Please keep up the good work and put yourself out there for all the world to see instead of the myopic vision we get of Islamic terrorism. There are so many more of you than them, rejoice that many people know that.

  12. By Nj on

    Hi Eman, where are you? I keep checking your website but there is no new posts, hope everything is ok.
    Wish you the best. Very good work.

  13. By mohamed on

    Salam sister , you have a very interesting blog , may Allah bless you, as for the definition of Islam you’re right Islam is peaceful surrender to Allah with sincerity and commitment in order to achieve the spiritual satisfaction and avoid misguidance.

  14. By Jimbo on

    where are u …
    She may well have gotten tired of the hate mail and perhaps now only blogs elsewhere in Arabic. And who can blame her? Life is short.

  15. By Ahuebrazil on

    Hi Eman,how are you? I hope you fine.
    I like very much of your site, the words that you write here..
    I understand you. The people do mistakes sometimes about Islam. It’s really sad…
    Take a care

  16. By Hajar on

    Assalamu alaikum eman,

    I hope you’re doing well inshaAllah, you havent blogged for some time 🙁

  17. By SkyDancer on

    Desolé pour le message hors sujet:) mais la cause en vaut la peine (enfin.. Je l’espere 😀 )

    En fait, en organise le 12 eme blog Meet Up à tunis ce samedi à Biwa vers 16h..
    Il y aura plein de bloggeurs.. Et ça nous ferait plaisir que tu viennes..
    Il y a plus de details sur mon blog 😉 et n’hesites pas d’emmener tout les bloggeurs que tu connais avec toi 😉
    On compte sur toi !!
    A plouch .. On attend ton ” Ok je viens sur mon blog:) ) Et je serais personnellement ravi de faire ta connaissance!

    Ps : desolé pour le retard 🙁

  18. By AY on

    I think the problem is never about the religion per se, but the practice thereof.

    When we continue to see (justification for) suicide bombers who claim to be Muslim, it’s difficult to equate Islam with peace.

    This goes for ANY religion or the practice of any idea.

    Have you read the Koran? My understanding is that an overwhelming majority of Muslims cannot speak/understand Arabic. Or indeed, cannot read or are not so literate as to fully understand the Arabic/cultural nuances of the Koran, are they at a risk of being manipulated by clerics with (violent) ulterior motives?

    And, what about the likes of Dr Ali Sina (www.faithfreedom.org), who has gone through the Koran with a fine comb and rebutts it, somewhat not without evidence to support his ideas?

  19. By Ralitheism on

    Good day Eman,

    I happened upon your husband’s website quite by accident and in reading some of his entries, it let me to your site. I am impressed by the eloquence in which you have stated your point of view and it does sadden me knowing that there are so many people who continue to misunderstand Muslims and people of other beliefs.

    I can understand why you would tire of taking a defensive and explanatory posture on this and I hope that more people would get the opportunity to read what you have written thus far because it might give them a better idea about Muslims and to Islam. One of the main problems seems to be that people have a tendency to categorize behaviour and attitudes and attribute them to large groups of people. So the assumption is that all Muslims are a certain way or think a certain thing; BUT, we should know that is not the case. As with any large group of people there is going to be a subset that believes wholly in the fundamentals of that group’s belief system, there is going to be another subset that uses some sort of cache or recognition to further their personal objectives or ulterior motives, there is going to be another subset that for lack of a better phrase, “jumps on the bandwagon” etc etc. The actions of a subset of a group do not really represent the entire group. Some Americans are brash, bold and arrogant but not necessarily because they are American, some Canadians are peace-loving do-gooders but not because they are Canadians, some Catholics are child molesters but not because they are Catholic and some Muslims are terrorists but not because they are Muslim.

    Those are my thoughts….I hope one day to have enough to say to express my own opinions.

  20. By MuslimUK on

    Hey I just wanted to say that this was a very clear and helpful blog/site. As a Muslim I was still unsure what the word Islam meant, thanks for the great explanation.
    Also could you post a comment and say whether or not you still blog? Because it’s 7 years after this post – do you maybe upload videos to YouTube?


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