June 8 2006

Al Zarqawi Killed!

It has just been announced that Abu Musaab Al Zarqawi has been killed. Reports say he has been killed in an air raid near Baghdad.

As I’m writing this, some news agencies just annouced that the raid was planned in cooperation between Jordanian and American forces.

The American Forces and Iraqi officials are happy and hope this will be a great step forward towards peace and less terrorism.

The question remains, will this really result in witnessing less terrorism? Or will it fuel more acts of terrorism in Iraq? Will there be a new “Zarqawi”?
One can’t but wait and pray this will mean less suffering for our dear innocent Iraqi brothers and sisters, because apparently, they’re the only ones paying the price for this whole war.

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  1. By khadija on

    Killing is never a solution!I think it is going to raise new waves of terrorism and the situation is going to worsen… Poor Irak! Poor Humanity!

  2. By TH14 on

    how do you know jordanian forces were involved?

  3. By Jimbo on

    Hopefully, Eman, you missed Mr. Bush’s exultant Rose Garden address to the world on the topic–as did I. (I was busy washing my dog.) (“But what about bin Laden, Mr. President? Mr. President?”) Surprising that after two 500 pound bombs they found enough to identify.

    People are easily destroyed; ideas, movements and the passions they stir much less easily so and then often only by newer, countervailing ideas. To blow up one man may slow things down for a week, but others replace him, redoubling their efforts—and invoking his name as a martyr. This misery will continue long after the U.S. is but a bitter Iranian memory.

    Baghdad, as you know better than me, was a crown jewel of this planet from the Sassanids forward. The scholars who studied and taught there, the knowledge, the art and literature that poured out of there was a testament to the glorious possibilities of humanity. Now…did you see the plans for the new 121 acre U.S. embassy that’s to squat along the Tigris? (49 hectares to you 🙂 ) A fortified enclave worthy of StarWar’s Darth Vader or the Knights Templar–Krak des Chevaliers, maybe. Though itself a fine testament to military engineering. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/12319798/ It has a security force of over two thousand men.

    Years of trying to foster democracy in Iraq and yet still no one likes us. The only weekend invitations we get are from hard-eyed guys with AK47s. Where are the welcoming throngs, the sweet gifts of pastries, the showers of rose pedals, the pretty, dancing girls we were promised? (These last are probably either hiding in terror or lying torn and dead somewhere.) Where even is the precious oil? Lighting the nightime sky?

    Perhaps this dislike has something to do with our lads machine-gunning innocents after a bad day? No utilities, no water, no jobs, no security, no hope?
    People without hope will either lay down and die or try to make their own.

    And now the idiots are going start something with Iran that they won’t be able to finish.

    Perhaps things will get better after the mid-term Congressional elections in November. As for me, I’m going to wash my dog again. But first, a glass of decent chianti. (Were you here, I’d offer you some excellent Chinese green tea; there’s something a bit off about my current supply of coffee beans.)

    Take care.

  4. By Omar on

    That’s a good question Eman. I think killing the Zarqawi won’t change a thing, in fact attacks may increase in the next few days just to take “revenge”
    The victims as usualy will be composed of 99% civilians.

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  6. By Eman (Post author) on

    Qwaider, as you know, news reaches the Arab world ages after you do 😉

    Imperatorking, you’re so right, it’s no solution, and let’s just hope a miracle would happen to stop terrorism.

    Khadija, I agree with you, most of us are afraid a revenge-strike will result and more terrorism acts will take place in response.

    TH14, well, it was announced on the CNN, Aljazeera, and all. But it was never confirmed nor denied!

    Jimbo, “Surprising that after two 500 pound bombs they found enough to identify”. lol, as if you were reading my mind!
    As for the rest of the comment, as usual, very informative and what can one say? I’m speechless really, I’ll just thank you for the chinese green tea thought and hope your dog enjoyed the bath 😉

    Omar, I fear so too Omar. And yep, it’s the innocent civilians who always pay!

  7. By Jimbo on

    Jimbo, “Surprising that after two 500 pound bombs they found enough to identify”. lol, as if you were reading my mind!
    How stupid of me. Of course–they missed, didn’t they? Or rather it wasn’t a direct hit.

    Someone once remarked that Pentagon officials who speak glowing of the accuracy of “our precision guided air munitions” should be tied to a chair in the building next door to the target when the precision munition comes howling in.

    Sorry you couldn’t join me for tea. The dog’s now a thing of beauty, thank you. (He used to keep a blog, but got tired of writing of humans from a canine perspective. I fear he thinks humans are ridiculous. 🙂 )


  8. By mike in texas on

    Dear Aquacool.Please give my dear USA credit for bearing SOME of the costs of the war in Iraq (billion /month charged to our Chinese credit card, and about 2,500 KIA,likely headed to 3 times that before troop reductions).

  9. By Diane on

    Sometimes I wonder if people wish secretly that things won’t change so trying to support their theory that American invovment is only bad news for Iraq and everybody elkse, indulging in more anti-Americanism, more anti-West sentiment, which really is anti-freedom.
    Where is the anti-terror sentiment?

    It is a good thing that Zarqawi is dead. He was a psychotic and killed joyfully any human being, whether they were Iraqis or Americans. If the majority of Iraqis are happy this pig is roasted, then this is good news.

  10. By Eman (Post author) on

    Jimbo, thanks for your comment.
    “He used to keep a blog, but got tired of writing of humans from a canine perspective. I fear he thinks humans are ridiculous”.
    I wouldn’t blame him 😉

    Mike in Texas, I’m anti-war, because I know all parties suffer, but still, one has to admit that there’s one side that always suffers more.

    Diane, I have no idea what brought the anti-americanism and anti-west sentiments here. He was killed, good riddance, but this doesn’t mean terror will stop, and we hope a difinite solution will take place, that’s all.

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