April 20

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January 25

Do You Eat It?

November 6

Lost Generation?!

October 22

On Being A “Desperate” Housewife

October 6

1st Twitter Inspired Street Name, in Palestine

April 5

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December 6

Gift Ideas For Eid Al- Adha

So, Eid Al- Adha is in a couple of days, Eid Mubarak to you all.

Actually, every time an Islamic occasion approaches, and no matter in which part of the world I really am, I hear the same whining and complaining from Muslims about how dull, lame, and boring our occasions are… and of course I need not mention the really negative comments comparing the Muslim celebrating techniques to those of people of other faiths and religions.

Now I do agree that the holiday season in most non-Muslim countries are simply beautiful, and I frankly like the decorations of streets, stores, malls and homes during Christmas for example, and I enjoy the whole spirit of Christmas, why not, there’s nothing wrong with that. What I’m honestly sick and tired of though is the spirit of many Muslims during their religious occasions.

I never thought that Muslim occasions were dull, and I never found any technique of celebrating any of these occasions boring; I never thought of any decorating style as ugly or vulgar! Instead I thought that as long as the person is reflecting a pure sense of joy and sharing, then I believe that the gesture of showing off their own taste of decorating -no matter how good or bad others think it was-  deserves our appreciation at least, if we could not express our admiration.

If you think Muslim celebrations are boring and their decorating styles are outdated or vulgar or whatever, then why don’t you DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! Instead of exposing the bad tastes of people, why don’t you share some better ideas and give them nice tips they can use? why don’t you teach people you know how to be better decorators, or advise people who are responsible for decorating malls how to do it the right way! If you’re a blogger, post lists of do’s and dont’s, share pics of good decoration examples, expose the good side for people to follow, the negative approach only helps people give up the whole thing.

I’ve posted a few things my family does to decorate sweet trays in Eid Al-Adha, this year I decided to share you some really nice and cute gift ideas relating to this occasion.

My picks for:

  • Jewellery lovers

  • Travellers (e.g. Hajj & Omra)

  • Art lovers

  • Gadget lovers

  • Children

Check this out, and this as well, all are really amazing, couldn’t choose my favorite, but I find these extremely cute:    (Desi Dolls)

  • The romantic ones of you:

Nothing says it better than flowers!

October 7

Getting Creative

Don’t you just love good creative advertising?

I came across “10 Creative Advertising Ideas from Students” via EnlargeYourPen, and will share my favorite 3 with you.

Help plant more. greenpeace.com, Sungkwon Ha

Andrew Seagrave

Jeseok Yi

April 17

StartUpArabia:Promoting An Arab Startup Culture

I’m proud to announce the launch of StartUpArabia; a project that my husband has been working on lately, dedicating a lot of his time and paying a lot of effort to create with one goal in mind: promoting an Arab startup culture.

StartUpArabia is basically a weblog dedicated to new Arab technology startups and services, profiling and reviewing them, providing interesting market news and information, and sharing tips and advice for the entrepreneurs behind them. It also discusses existing services and companies that are making interesting new changes and big steps in the Arab world.

We have many smart, creative and talented people in the Arab world who come up with really impressive project ideas, but the lack of guidance and coverage causes their projects to sadly fail.
StartUpArabia will fill this need and will provide useful info and guiding tips for all Arab entrepreneurs; it will also shed more light on their projects and introduce them to as much people as possible, thus preventing these projects from shutting down.

I hope that all of you reading this will spread the word and encourage any Arab entrepreneur they know to check out this weblog. And if you happen to know about any startups, don’t think twice of sharing with my husband.

And to my dear husband; I wish you the best of luck with your project, and I’m sure your efforts will pay off and that StartUpArabia will hopefully get the success it deserves.

April 3

Dubai Lynx 2008: Honoring Creative Advertising

Marketing and advertising executives from across the Middle East gathered for the first Dubai International Advertising Festival this week.
Featuring high-profile seminars, workshops, exhibitions and screenings aimed at giving creative inspiration, learning and networking opportunities to the advertising and allied industries in the region; the festival attracted hundreds of visitors each day.

The Dubai Lynx Awards, which are part of the festival, honor creative excellence in television, cinema, print, outdoor, radio, direct marketing, media and interactive advertising.

You can browse all the winners here, I was pleased to know that the TV/Cinema Grand Prix went to Melody Music Channel, Leo Burnett Cairo Agency, Egypt. I laugh every time I watch one of these music ads on Melody, the English spoken in this particular Arabic accent is so funny and the ideas are so good! You can watch the videos here.

If you’re looking for some serious coverage of the event right from the heart of UAE check out: Copywriter Journalist.

Here are some of the ads I liked the most!

[An ad for Tide Coldwater: “If everyone in New York City washed their laundry in cold water for just one day, the energy savings could be 5.7 million KWH. Enough to power every light in the Empire State Building for a month.”]

[An award-winning advertisement for Hush Puppies shoes.]