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Help The Planet in 50 Easy Ways

15 July 2008

Just came across this: 5o Ways to Help the Planet [Via: EnlargeYourPen]. Which is a webproject by Wire & Twine. The listed points are so simple, straight-forward, and really easy to follow and implement. I also found their shirts extremely cool!

It’s All No Good, If It’s Not Meant To Be

29 April 2008

Fate; 4 letters combined to form one of the most powerful means of an irresistible interference in our lives, determining events we go through in the most amazing way. Coincidence; this delightful surprise that brings people together in the most unexpected way, in the most unexpected place, at the most unexpected time. Technology; this amazing [...]

StartUpArabia:Promoting An Arab Startup Culture

17 April 2008

I’m proud to announce the launch of StartUpArabia; a project that my husband has been working on lately, dedicating a lot of his time and paying a lot of effort to create with one goal in mind: promoting an Arab startup culture. StartUpArabia is basically a weblog dedicated to new Arab technology startups and services, [...]

Short Note

31 March 2008

I’ve been having some technical problems with my blog that prevented me from blogging or even replying to the comments left on my blog for a while. Now the problems are solved and hopefully I’ll be able to post in peace

You Are What You…?

26 February 2008

I was reading “What Defines A Person?” and it got me really thinking of how we people sometimes refer to things that might be really insignificant, or better say shallow, and yet decide to make them the standards, through which we define other people we know. MMM lists many arguments: some people are defined by [...]

Tunisie Telecom

28 June 2007

Where do I start? It’s been over 2 months now and our landline is still dead, and it’s not the first time. As I mentioned before, we’ve been having never-ending problems with our phone line over the past 4 years. What gets on my nerves is the fact that till this moment, no one has [...]

Why I’m Not Blogging…

29 May 2007

It’s been a long while since I last blogged. The thing is, it’s not because I’m lazy or have nothing to blog about, in fact I have loads of stuff I’d like to share in my blog, the problem is, I can’t, since our landline is yet again DEAD… no internet connection, as usual. All [...]

The Burning Globe

21 February 2007

I still can’t believe I didn’t wear my winter jacket except for once! I can’t imagine that I didn’t have my and my husband’s winter clothes taken out of storage and put in the closet until my husband had to leave to Europe! Ice melting here and there! Creatures dying every now and then! Ah! [...]

Me & My Writing Mood

24 January 2007

For a pretty long while now I’ve been so NOT into writing. I simply lost interest in writing and let my many to-do things take control and keep me happily busy. Now that I come to think of it, I guess it’s not just about my writing mood, I believe my life is taking a [...]

Commenting Problem!

21 November 2006

Looks like I have the worst luck ever when it comes to my blog’s comments. First when I was on BlogSpot my comments kept being lost or blocked, and then when I moved here, I couldn’t get all my old comments to show up, so I lost many informative and valuable comments. Now for the [...]