October 22

Lesson Of The Day:

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December 18

Problem With Comments

Just wanted to notify you that I’ve been having problems with my comments lately. Some loyal readers sent me to inform me that they’re actually leaving comments, when nothing is showing to me.

Other than that, as many have noticed, there are earlier posts, around 10 or so, that lost all their comments, I have no idea how that happened either!

I’m getting this problem fixed soon, but I apologize for all deleted comments, hoping this wont discourage you from leaving your comments.

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November 13

USA History

In black and white…
[Via: EnlargeYourPen, Source: Patrick Moberg]

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July 15

Help The Planet in 50 Easy Ways

Just came across this: 5o Ways to Help the Planet [Via: EnlargeYourPen]. Which is a webproject by Wire & Twine.

The listed points are so simple, straight-forward, and really easy to follow and implement.

I also found their shirts extremely cool!

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April 29

It’s All No Good, If It’s Not Meant To Be

Fate; 4 letters combined to form one of the most powerful means of an irresistible interference in our lives, determining events we go through in the most amazing way.

Coincidence; this delightful surprise that brings people together in the most unexpected way, in the most unexpected place, at the most unexpected time.

Technology; this amazing human-created tool that enables you to find people you never thought of finding in the first place just with a click.

These three elements are, in my humble opinion, highly connected and extremely separate at the same time. Fate brings coincidence, coincidence was the birth of science, science led to technology. Technology creates coincidence by making the world a smaller place, and coincidence is part of fate.

Every day people go through a series of planned and unplanned events, all the cause of fate, coincidence and technology. And here lies the irony of life…
We make new friends, and we lose old ones. We fall in love with people we never knew existed, and hate those who never stopped loving us. We remember those who are not worth remembering, and forget all about those who deserve to be engraved in our hearts and memories forever. We get closer to those we don’t like, and get away from those we love. We run after those who ignore us, and let go of those who will always be there for us. We help those who are perfectly capable of handling themselves, and ignore the need of those who strive our help. We gather around those who hurt us, and walk away from those who heal our wounds.

Yes, fate, coincidence and technology throw many events our way, affecting our reactions and directing our choices. They can be the source of our happiness, just as much as they could be the source of our misery. They can conspire to cause this world to be as small or as big as they want, whenever they want. For there are times when neither fate, nor coincidence, nor technology would serve you. And when you surrender to the fact that they’ve all failed to assist you get what you want, they decide to surprise you yet again… could be something good or bad, doesn’t matter, point is it’s all up to them.

You could spend years searching for an old friend, believing that this small world must send him your way, or at least give you clues that would lead to him. But years go by and no trace of that old friend of yours. Yet during your search you stumble across someone you never thought of looking for and you find him instead.  More years will go by, and there’s a chance you might still find that old friend, or meet someone who knows him, but there will always be the possibility of never finding him, or even worse; finding him, when it’s too late, when he’s been gone long time ago.

Fate, coincidence and technology, these 3 magical elements, which affect us strongly, and on which we have almost no control, will either support us or fail us depending on the power controlling them: God’s will.  And so,  it all revolves around one and only principle: whether it’s meant to be, or not.

One should do his/her part in anything in this life, but leave the rest for God. If it’s meant to be you’ll get what you want, but if you do all you can, and spend your whole life in pursuit of a certain dream, and then you stopped at a point where there’s nothing left for you to do, then you have to realize that it was never meant to be… and if it’s not meant to be, there’s nothing in this world that will make it be, and even if you go against the forces to get what you want, you’ll lose it, sooner or later.

April 17

StartUpArabia:Promoting An Arab Startup Culture

I’m proud to announce the launch of StartUpArabia; a project that my husband has been working on lately, dedicating a lot of his time and paying a lot of effort to create with one goal in mind: promoting an Arab startup culture.

StartUpArabia is basically a weblog dedicated to new Arab technology startups and services, profiling and reviewing them, providing interesting market news and information, and sharing tips and advice for the entrepreneurs behind them. It also discusses existing services and companies that are making interesting new changes and big steps in the Arab world.

We have many smart, creative and talented people in the Arab world who come up with really impressive project ideas, but the lack of guidance and coverage causes their projects to sadly fail.
StartUpArabia will fill this need and will provide useful info and guiding tips for all Arab entrepreneurs; it will also shed more light on their projects and introduce them to as much people as possible, thus preventing these projects from shutting down.

I hope that all of you reading this will spread the word and encourage any Arab entrepreneur they know to check out this weblog. And if you happen to know about any startups, don’t think twice of sharing with my husband.

And to my dear husband; I wish you the best of luck with your project, and I’m sure your efforts will pay off and that StartUpArabia will hopefully get the success it deserves.

March 31

Short Note

I’ve been having some technical problems with my blog that prevented me from blogging or even replying to the comments left on my blog for a while. Now the problems are solved and hopefully I’ll be able to post in peace :)

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February 26

You Are What You…?

I was reading “What Defines A Person?” and it got me really thinking of how we people sometimes refer to things that might be really insignificant, or better say shallow, and yet decide to make them the standards, through which we define other people we know.

MMM lists many arguments: some people are defined by what they think, or what they say or believe, or they’re defined by their religion… and I must agree with him that these are all unreliable standards. The closest to defining the real identity of people, as he mentions, is defining people by what they do, i.e. by their actions.

There’s another thing that I’ve always believed would tell you so much about a person. It wont necessarily define that person, but it will surely help knowing a lot about them… it’s food.  Can we say a person is what he eats? I believe yes we can, in a way. Now you must know that a person’s health condition, or physical shape, or skin condition, or a person’s stress levels, mental health or even criminal tendencies… are all things that could reflect what that person eats. But what if we look at it from a different angle? what if we try to have the choice of food reflect that person and define him, is that possible? let’s see…
The choice of food tells you a lot about a person’s taste, a person who knows good quality cooking, and to whom eating is a pleasure is a person with good taste, and is definitely different from a person who eats just to feed his hunger not bothering what the hell he’d throw in his stomach.

The choice of food also tells you a lot about that person’s financial situation; if he only eats in expensive restaurants or hotels it means he can afford it, but if he always chooses cheap places, that means he’s seriously on a tight budget.

The choice of food tells you a lot about a person’s personality. If he chooses always the same kind of food that means he’s the type who likes to play it safe, or he’s the classic kind of people. But if he tries new menus every time, it means he’s adventurous and daring.

Food can also tell you about the ethnic background, because, not always, but quite often, people would cook food they’re used to eat in their own countries or family homes, even when they’re abroad.

Another interesting thing food can help you know is religion, yeah, if the person eats no pork there’s a big chance he’s either a Muslim or a Jew! Food can also give you a glimpse about a person’s own beliefs/principals; if he’s vegetarian, or vegan then he strongly believes in animal rights ;)
You can know a bit about a person’s health condition by their choice of food. If he constantly avoids nuts, milk, flour-based dishes or any other ingredient, then he’s allergic to these ingredients. If he avoids fatty foods then he’s on diet, either for health-related reasons or just for staying fit ;) which brings me to the fact that food would tell you a lot about a person’s education, or nutrition-awareness. An educated person who’s well-informed about food would -usually- select a healthy meal that will nourish his body; while a poorly informed person;s selection of food would end up with a meal that will just stuff his stomach and most probably pile fat in his body and hurt his health!
So I believe yes, we certainly can know a lot about a person if we know what he eats…

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June 28

Tunisie Telecom

Where do I start?

It’s been over 2 months now and our landline is still dead, and it’s not the first time. As I mentioned before, we’ve been having never-ending problems with our phone line over the past 4 years.

What gets on my nerves is the fact that till this moment, no one has had the decency to send us a technician to check up our line and just tell us what the damn problem is. We call Tunisie Telecom every damn week, we went there in person more than once, we filed a stupid complaint and after my last visit there their solution is: go file yet ANOTHER stupid complaint in the main office!!

After that my husband goes again and they give him a couple of numbers to follow up on the problem himself (yep, coz they’re too busy drinking coffee and gossiping all day long, poor things). It gets even better: one of the numbers is always busy, the other is apparently placed in an office where no one’s willing to pick up the god damn phone!

If we’re bad clients I’d take that shit, but we pay our bills on time and we’ve never caused any problems any time our line went dead, but seriously, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

I’m not supposed to use my mobile phone to do all my calls, I have a landline and I want to use IT for calling people.

I’m not supposed to drag my baby boy to internet cafés to be able to check my emails and surf the internet.

I’m not supposed to waste my visits to people by getting online at their places because Tunisie Telecom aren’t willing to do their damn job towards their clients and check their lines, let alone fixing them…

What are we supposed to do to know what the problem is? What are we supposed to do to get our line working again!

I’m really FED UP!

It’s such a shame to suffer from such problems in year 2007! And the problem is, we can’t criticize the quality of service provided by Tunisie Telecom, simply because there is NO SERVICE to start with!

This really SUCKS! We’re paying you guys, do your job for God’s sake!

May 29

Why I’m Not Blogging…

It’s been a long while since I last blogged. The thing is, it’s not because I’m lazy or have nothing to blog about, in fact I have loads of stuff I’d like to share in my blog, the problem is, I can’t, since our landline is yet again DEAD… no internet connection, as usual. All thanks go to Tunisie Telecom of course.

It just gets on my nerves, I mean you pay your bills on time, bills that include tax, services and all that, and then what do you get, nothing! To be honest, I gave up hope on them, ever since we moved in to this appartment (around 4 years ago) and we’ve been having never ending problems with our phone line; it works a month, and goes dead the next 2 and so on. We talked to the people in charge and filed a complaint more than once, yet no one even was nice enough to come, check out the problem (let alone fix it)!

Anyway, sorry to all my readers, hope this problem will be solved soon.

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