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La7that Wada3 (Moment of Farewell)

04 October 2009

In My Shoes!

02 July 2009

The MOVE (4): On the way to Dubai

11 May 2009

The MOVE (3): Leaving Tunisia

30 April 2009

Fadi Andrawos, THANK YOU

07 April 2009

The MOVE (2): To keep or not to Keep

02 April 2009

Whenever there’s a big move, there’s clutter, and wherever there’s clutter, there are countless attempts of organizing, and this means sorting out what to keep and what to get rid of. Now this ‘get rid of’ part is easier said than done. I had piles of different kinds of stuff I wanted to get rid of, [...]

The MOVE (1): Paperwork 101

30 March 2009

Many of you already know that I left Tunis and moved to Dubai few weeks ago. And as all of you also know, moving is not an easy process, but to be honest, I didn’t really imagine it could reach a level of complication and stress that will make me suffer the way I did. [...]

“Once Upon A Time” Might Come Back

11 December 2008

This morning I woke up at the same usual time, drank the same coffee, did some of my translation work, just like every other day. My day was a very ordinary one, doing the same things, at the same time, in the same place. That was until I checked my email and noticed that among [...]

To Amman & Back

08 September 2008

I got back to Tunis around a week ago. I’ve been in a decluttering mode ever since, and I guess I’d be stuck in this mode for a little while. My visit to Amman was great, except for the fact that I was able to meet only two of my family members, I really miss [...]

Dust Is In The Air

08 April 2008

After a week of cold weather that brought us wind and occasional rain showers, a couple of really hot sunny days followed, and today, we woke up to watch the streets, cars, and buildings covered with one fat layer of sand. It’s a bit cooler than the last couple of days, but the problem is, [...]